Complete Roofing Installation, Supplies and Repair Services in Kelowna & Okanagan BC

A excellent installed roof with quality materials protects your home or building - it is one of the most important systems that any structure needs.

Your roof is a complex system of interlocking components that must all work together to create a strong barrier against sun, rain, snow, ice, and wind. At Pinnacle Roofing we take that responsibility seriously and work diligently to ensure your home or building is fully protected by managing the complete roof system including bare decking, eaves, gables, dormers, peaks, valleys, flashing and all the other important factors that make for a great and long lasting roof.

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Our Services

New residential construction roofing

Asphalt roofing- We are certified/approved installers
- Professional, trained and experienced estimators
- We explain your options and work to educate you and earn your business
- Competent installation by experienced trades persons
- Supervision and accountability
- Ethical practices
- Highly insured
- Dedicated Warranty Service Department
- One-stop shopping for most residential roofing systems


Residential re-roofAsphalt roofing

- We only suggest as much repair work as is needed
- Our certified roofers and tradespeople provide professional re-roofs
- Continual staff training, helps us maintain excellence in quality and workmanship
- We only use the best products for every job
- We have an unmatched safety program to protect your property and our clients and staff



Commercial roofing & re-roofingcommercial torch on roofing

- Honest and earnest appraisals of your commercial roofing needs
- Options tailored to your budget, by providing solutions where possible.
- Leak tracking and mitigation services
- Competent installation, re-roof and repair work
- Installation of flat roofing assemblies in alignment with manufacturer standards
- Courteous, knowledgeable and trained technicians, and journey persons
- Warranties and related service you can rely on
- A dedicated warranty department
- Abundant references
- Financial stability
- In house metal fabricators shop, and offices




Our Products


Asphalt roofingashphalt shingle

Shingle roof replacement is a significant investment. Choosing the right shingles is the first step to a beautiful and strong roof. Cost is also linked to the type of roofing material, its features and warranty. Additionally, material and workmanship quality are known to affect the performance as well as the durability of your roofing system. It is important, therefore, to select an experienced and reliable company like Pinnacle Roofing.

Our reliable warranty offers protection against manufacturing and installation defects.


Metal roofingmetal roofing

Our dedicated in-house metal shop is staffed with experienced sheet metal mechanics; skilled in the design, fabrication and field installation of any roof related metal detail.

Service is available to home building, residential, commercial and institutional customers who are interested in achieving a superior result.



New construction concrete tile roofingconcrete tile

Tile is often considered the king of all roofing materials. Few can match its classic look, durability, superior wind tear off resistance and fire resistant properties. Made from the toughest roofing materials available. Although it may seem like an expensive choice initially, your tile roof will pay for itself in terms of appearance and longevity as it is often referred to as the "forever roof".



Torch-on roofingcommercial torch on roofing

Pinnacle Roofing specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of various Flat roofing and torch-on roofing systems for both residential and commercial roofing systems. We are pleased to supply abundant references of our work for the benefit of homeowners, property managers, condominium corporations, corporate clients, institutional customers, hi-rise and individual building owners.



Custom Installation & Solutions

The roofing trade not only involves the activity of waterproofing exterior surfaces, it encompasses a number of related disciplines which are necessary components of a properly executed project, including custom metal work, attic ventilation, skylights and more. metal roofing fabrication shop


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